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This is my first time posting my art on here, but anyways, have some Thalia Grace!


Why does every fanfic make nico fluent in Italian like he just randomly busts out in Italian wtf I’m p sure he said himself ye I lived there for a while and I kinda can understand but not really??? Idk correct me if I’m wrong but he hasn’t even hinted at speaking it on a daily basis so why all these fanfics got him singing in it like jfc ???

um because he speaks italian fluently in house of hades not to mention he lived in Italy for 11 years ?


what idiots. i love them.

anyways heres a jasico doodle for the hell of it<3

also i cant draw butts send help

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"Percy!" Annabeth’s voice cracked.  "Why did you leave me?" -House of Hades (235)

So! Hello again boys and girls, today has been particularly productive in terms of art at least. ANYWAY. So I was re-reading parts of House of Hades and I read the part where Percy had to fight off the Arai, who would curse him and Annabeth. Ugh I felt so bad for Annabeth when she went blind and then was given Calypso’s curse unu. I really wanted to try and capture Annabeth’s desperation and fear, so here it is!

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let everything burn…

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Diff interps of Leo’s curly hair! #1 is actually more how curly I imagine Nico’s (maybe slightly curlier than Nico’s), and y’all know #2 is my default but I wanted to see ‘em side by side

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  • Me: *really really wants to rp with you*
  • Me: *stalks your blog*
  • Me: *finds every meme ever*
  • Me: *REALLY REALLY wants to rp with you*
  • Me: *is too scared to rp with you*
  • Me: *breathes on your shoulder*
Anonymous asked:
Hey, do you think you could maybe draw Jason or Percy or anybody from New Rome doing the "Wolf Stare" thing that they learned from Lupa.


you asked for it








and a bonus


Reyna is obviously the “alpha”


Happy belated birthday, Annabeth!

Annabeth Chase in palette #57 (colour palette challenge) for skypirateb. Wanted to do something for Annabeth’s birthday before it was over so this is literally my quickest drawing ever. I’m proud^^

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Submitted by shipalltheslash

God damn it…this made my mun cry

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Prophecies from Percy Jackson and The Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus

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Everyone talks about people comforting Nico but have you considered this: Nico comforting his boyfriend

Singing lullabies to Percy in Italian when he has nightmares about Tartarus

Throwing a surprise party for Leo b/c he’s feeling lonely and standing there awkwardly the whole time because there’s so many people

Crawling in Jason’s lap to hold Jason’s head to his chest while he cries

Just lil Nico being a rock for people please

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  • Jason: Nico.....pst...Nico!
  • Nico: What?
  • Jason: See that guy over that. That guy....I think he likes you.
  • Nico: Jason...
  • Jason: No, look....he keeps looking at you.
  • Nico: ....
  • Jason: I think he wants the Di....
  • Nico: .......
  • Jason: ..........Angelo.....



tbh what i really dont get is when people talk about how percy isnt a good person/abandons people/takes advantage of people

as if they’re surprised by that?

like, athena described his fatal flaw as - “to save a friend, you would sacrifice the world”

the world. the entire…